Wandering Words

Stress, fear, and uncertainty have flooded our minds this year. After seeing family struggle with illness, it has been hard to stay positive and find solace. Suddenly, our usual escapes - an episode of our favorite sitcom, dancing to some upbeat tunes, or indulging in gooey chocolate cake - could not whisk us away from our dread.


Five minutes ago, my son was relaxing like a king. Lounging away in baggy shorts and a scruffy t-shirt, he propped his legs up on the coffee table. In the past three hours, he merely moved two muscles – his eyes and a finger.

Leaky Faucet

She lives in a dingy shack with scurrying rats, drab lighting, and sweltering heat. One million people are crammed into an area of 2 square kilometers, stuffed together like cotton in a pillow.

How Empathy and Integrity Made Money Priceless

Greatness – is it achieved by material or by action? Do we admire others for their possessions and status or their deeds? ... It is easy to forget that someone’s actions, even for a split instant, can have a permanent impact. Two such moments left an imprint in our minds.

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